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How to make a Frozen Wreath in 3 Steps.

1. Gather items from your yard and arrange them in a rubber

cake pan, also put in the ends ofa rope or ribbon for hanging.

2. Place in the freezer til frozen.

3. Remove from freezer and peel away the rubber pan then

hang out side.  Just make sure you live in a cold climate or

your wreath will end up like The bottom pic :-)

How to make a Rag Rug on a Hula Hoop.

1. Gather up some old T shirts and cut 1 to 1 1/2" strips

from the bottom to the sleeves.

2. Stretch strips around the Hula Hoop every 4 inches,

3, Loop all the remaining strips together and form a yarn ball. 

4. Find the center on the Hula Hoop and tie a knot and start

weaving under and over until you have about 4" left  or no

more room to weave.

5. Cut the loops at the edge of the Hoop and tie them off and

have a nice finished Rug.